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No.Exhibition NameExhibition timeExhibition MeasurementExhibition AreaOrgernizer

1The 17th China(Dongguan)International Auto Aftermarket show2019.2.24-25    15,000㎡Pavilion 3(BCDzone) GUANZHOU DIANJIN MEDIA CO.,LTD
2The 41st International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan)

2019 3F design fair  2019 3F Chinese style furntiure Fair

2019 3F Home accents Fair
2019.3.16-20     745,000㎡  Pavilion 3,1,4,5,6,7GD MODERN CONNVENTIO &EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD
3the 20th China(dongguan) Int'l Textile &clothing Industry Fair

the 20th China(dongguan)Int'l Footwear Machinery&material industry fair
2019.3.27-30     50,000㎡   Pavilion 3China Print and Equipment Industry Association  
4The 4th China(Guangdong)int'l print technology exhibition2019.4.9-13  140,000㎡   Pavilion 3,1,4,5,6,7China Print and Equipment Industry Association
52019 China Processing trade products fair(CPTPF)   2019.4.18-4.2150,000㎡   Pavilion 3Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the China Processing Trade Products Fair
6the 19th guangdong international auto exhibition&trade fair.spring   2019.4.30-5.0360,000㎡   Pavilion 1, 3(dongguan) china auto exhibition co.,ltd  
72019 Guangdong international robot and intelligent equipment exposition2019.5.8-11 50,000㎡   Pavilion 3HUIZHOU INTELLIGENT TERMINAL MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION
8China electronic manufacturing automation&resoures exhibition   2019.5.16-1830,000㎡   Pavilion 3HUIZHOU INTELLIGENT TERMINAL MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION
9INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION SHOW SOUTH CHINA2019.5.22-2430,000㎡   Pavilion 3(BCDzone)Eastbest&lansheng group
Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd
10National Operating Room nursing academice conference of Chinese nursing association2019.5.24-2510,000㎡   Pavilion 4 Chinese nursing association
11The Spring tea Fair   2019.5.30-6.315,000㎡   Pavilion 3(BCzone)Dongguan Tea Promotion Association
12Dongguan XiMI Animation copyright show2019.6.7-85000㎡   Pavilion 4Guangzhou WUYOU Exhibition Company
13"Guangdong Pollution prevention and control technology,equipment and service exhibition&exchange meeting"2019.6.10-1612,000㎡  Pavilion 1   Provincial Department of Environmental Protection
142019 th 7th south china(dongguan)gas&air compressor technology Fair2019.6.13-1510,000㎡   Pavilion 3(Czone)Guangzhou Yasi Exhibition Co., Ltd.
152019 china house custom made furntiure fair
2019 3F design fair
The 42nd International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan)
2019.7.7-12745,000㎡   Pavilion 3,1,4,5,6,7GD MODERN CONNVENTION&EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD
16"2019 china innovation food conference and guangdong.hongkong.macao greater bay area food expo"   2019.7.17-1915,000㎡   Pavilion 3(B,Czone)Dongguan Food Association
17"the 13th Dongguan International Adhesive Belt Protective Film Optical Film Exhibitionthe 16th Dongguan International Printing, Packaging and Labelling Exhibition"   2019.7.19-216250㎡   Pavilion 3(Azone)Shenzhen Huiduo Exhibition Co., Ltd
18China International Animation copyright fair   2019.8.16-1926,000㎡   Pavilion 3(ABCzone)   Organizing Committee of Animation copyright fair
192019 (Dongguan)mother&Baby&Kids Expo   2019.8.16-1910,800㎡   Pavilion 3(Czone)Dongguan Lingshi Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd.
202019China(Dongguan) Mobile Phone Processing Industry Expo & China Electronic
Cigarette Industry Chain Exhibition
  2019.8.29-3120,000㎡   Pavilion 3(B,Czone)"Dongguan World Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Aibang  Information Co., Ltd., Dongguan Aibang Technology Co., Ltd."
212019 China .Dongguan International Two Climbing and Turtle Fair   2019.9.6-86,250㎡   Pavilion 3(Azone)Auwa   International Exhibition Co. Ltd
22Huaxia Home decoration Fair   2019.9.6-812,000㎡  Pavilion 1   Huamo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
23dongguan autumn tea expo   2019.9.6-916,250㎡   Pavilion 3(B,Czone)Dongguan Shangsheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
24the 19th guangdong international auto exhibiton&trade fair.Autumn   2019.10.4-10.970,000㎡  Pavilion 1,3(dongguan) china auto exhibition co.,ltd
252019 all in tuning   2019.10.18-2030,800㎡   Pavilion 3(B,C,Dzone)Beijing Yasn International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
262019 Taiwan Famous Fair-dongguan   2019.10.25-2820,000㎡   Pavilion 3(B,C,Dzone)Dongguan Taiwan Affairs Bureau
272019China (Guangdong)International Furniture Machinery & Material Fair
the 4th China Home Green Supply Chain Forum
28"(DME)China dongguan Machinery exhibition &China (Dongguan) International Smart Factory Exhibition"   2019.11.14-1757,020㎡   Pavilion 3,4Huamo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
29Dongguan International Industrial Expo   2019.11.27-2950,000㎡   Pavilion 3Organizer: Guangdong Asian Union Exhibition Co., Ltd.
30Huaxia Home decoration Fair   2019.12.6-810,800㎡   Pavilion 3(Czone)Dongguan LianMa Exhibition Co., Ltd.
31Annual commodity Fair   2019.12.13-246250㎡   Pavilion 3(Azone)HUIHETU Exhibition Co.,Ltd
322019 Dongguan Agricultural Products Expo   待定10,000㎡   Pavilion 1Donggaun FeiFan advertisement Co.,Ltd

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